Illuminate home interiors with recessed lighting

Illuminate home interiors with recessed lighting

Popular for its elegance and ease of use, recessed lighting brightens a home interior with an understated sophistication. The beauty of this style lies in its ability to provide general ambient illumination, as well as accent lighting for artistic features you wish to showcase. The focused intensity and dramatic shadows of recessed lighting bring out the flair of accent walls, paintings or that lovely Asian vase.

Because recessed lights sit flush with the ceiling, they eliminate the need for bulky, overhead fixtures that disrupt the clean lines of a modern-style home. And when placed on a dimmer switch, they can instantly infuse a room with a starlit ambience of relaxation or romance. As a bonus, recessed lighting gives jewelry a fantastic sparkle!

If you wish to take advantage of this trendy lighting technique, the following are a few trim styles to consider:

  • Baffle trim, the most popular choice, is offered in black or white. Black reduces glare, while white baffles lessen the appearance of holes in the ceiling.
  • Adjustable trim is a great option for wall-washing or accenting a piece of art. The bulb sits within a moveable fixture that can be angled in a specific direction.
  • Reflector trim is perfect for locations where you wish to maximize light levels, such as kitchens or rooms with high ceilings. It comes in a variety of colors capable of cooling or warming a room if desired.

Don’t forget to do your research. If you are building a custom home, your builder will provide you with valuable suggestions for what would work best with your dream home.

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